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Cannot update an Incident using Maileater if I am not the affected end user


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Using the maileater interface to update an existing incident, I am getting error:

  AHD58005: Update Only operation request with no matching rows. cannot continue processing!

I am able to update the incident from the web interface without any problem.

Additionally, when the same Incident is updated by the Affected End User, it is processed correctly.
What causes this behavior? Is there a problem?


This is based on the Access Type associated to the contact record and specifically to the 'Licensed?' attribute.
Out of the Box  the Employee Access Type cannot update a ticket through maileater which they are not the Affected End User.


CA Service Desk Manager:Release:14.1 
CA Service Desk Manager:Release:17.0
CA Service Desk Manager:Release:17.1


In above case, the user sending the email had the Employee Access Type. If we make the Employee Access Type License attribute to 'Yes',
the Maileater interface can process the email and stop reporting that error.

Additional Information

If select users need to have the Employee Access Type but also need the ability to edit tickets other than those they are named as the Affected End User, one scenario can also be to create a new Access Type that is based off the Employee Access Type but granted the License flag, then assign those select users to the proposed Access Type.