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Cleaning up BSI Document Repository


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CA Business Service Insight


How can the Business Service Insight Document Repository be cleaned up? If it gets too full, it can become so slow to display that it times out.


Component: OBLCRE


To clean up these in the database, you'll need to archive a few of the rows of the table T_DOCUMENT_REPOSITORY; there were too many for a prompt response.

To delete the entries, we need to remove them from the following tables. For example taking the ID range of under 1000:

delete from t_rpt_usr_group_permissions u where u.report_id in ( select g.report_id from t_report_galleries g where g.document_id < '1000') ;
delete from t_report_galleries where document_id < '1000';
delete from t_document_repository where document_id < '1000';

You'll just need to amend those where clauses to reflect the actual IDs you need to scrub.