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Sending SMS Notifications from Clarity PPM


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How to set up SMS notification type in Clarity PPM which you would use exactly like any other notification type (email for example).
The SMS Address field the address should be used in the field, something like [email protected], please check with your provider's alerts & notifications Support.


Component: PPMSEC


On-Premise Customers
- Make sure that the email server that Clarity is attached to is configured to handle SMS (The gateway that handles SMS messages for you)
- To set up SMS notifications we need to first have the mail server configured in the NSA under Properties > System > Mail Server
- Configure the user record with an SMS email address: Home > Account Settings > SMS email address (something like [email protected])
- Once it is configured correctly on your email server and SMS mail can be sent successfully from your email client, the same SMS address should work from Clarity

SaaS On-Demand Customers
- On-Demand Environment must be email enabled (Please note the On-Demand service supports email notifications, the service does not support enable SMS notification option only.
- Configure the user record with an SMS email address
- Go to Home > Account Settings > SMS email address (something like [email protected])