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Summary Alerts do not correspond to underlying simple alert values


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


A summary alert provides a way to show the status of multiple underlying simple alerts with one overall status.

This is how it works for Trigger Alert Notification state for Any Alert or All Alerts. The Any Alert option uses the maximum state of all the alerts. The All Alerts option uses the minimum state of all the alerts with a state of more than 0 (not reporting).

Example: You have a summary alert that consists of the following alerts:

Alert: A; State: 0
Alert: B; State: 1
Alert: C; State: 1
Alert: D; State: 2
Alert: E; State: 3

In this situation, the Any Alert option takes 3, and the All Alerts option takes 1

The problem where the Summary Alerts Do Not Correspond to the Alerts Contained.


CA APM 10.x


Best Practice:

1. Turn Off and Turn On the Summary Alert
2. Remove the Simple Alerts and Re-Add one at a time - till see which simple alert  is causing the problem

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