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Working with Knowledge Documents - Create Rework Versions


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SUPPORT AUTOMATION- SERVER CA Service Desk Manager - Unified Self Service CA Service Desk Manager


If you have full (read/write) permissions to edit documents, you can create a Rework-Draft version of a published knowledge document while the document is online and available to users.

A rework version starts as a copy of the document that is replaced in the knowledge base after it is verified and republished.


Component: USRD


To create a rework version of a knowledge doc follow these steps:

1. From the Document List page, right-click the title of the document to edit, then select Edit from the shortcut menu.
The Update Knowledge Document page appears.

2. (Optional) Complete the various tabs as appropriate.

3. Click Rework.
A page opens displaying the list of approved document tasks from which you can select tasks to start with (if you are permitted to do so). By default, a built-in approval process template allows you to create a document.

4. Select the appropriate task from the list.
The Create Rework Version page appears.

5. Complete the appropriate fields:
Document Title
Displays the published document name.

Document Status
Displays the status of the record (published).

Keep Published Version Available
Specify whether or not to keep the original published version available to all users.
Default: Available

KD Approval Task
Displays the workflow tasks that you are able to perform if you have permission to do so.
Note: You can cancel the rework version and can add comments about why you want to cancel the rework version.

6. (Optional) Select the Assignee link to assign this rework version to another person or group for review or follow-up. Once saved, the rework version appears in their Inbox.

Note: If Keep Published Version Available is checked in the Create Rework Version form, it does not copy the assignee value to the rework document. If Keep Published Version Available is unchecked, it copies the assignee value to the rework document.

7. (Optional) Enter information about this document in the Comment field.

8. Click Save.
The Update Document page appears.

9. Click Save.
The rework-draft version appears in your Knowledge Documents Inbox on scoreboard. To display this page, select the Service Desk tab, then Knowledge Documents, Inbox.