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Patch Management Patch in status packaging failed


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Patch Management Patch in status packaging failed.

In CA\DSM\PatchManagement\PMEngine.log following error like that could be seen :
[DownloadedPatchTask] ERROR [] - Error ocurred executing a DSM Webservice method. Reason: 3,Copy Error: File shared; 13,Copy Error: File shared; 21,Copy Error: File shared; 35,Copy Error: File shared; 77,Copy Error: File shared; 175,Copy Error: File shared; 197,Copy Error: File shared

[DownloadedPatchTask] ERROR [] - Patch CA - Win 2008 R2 Post SP1 64Bit x64 OS Only - FULL Security Rollup v1803.00 {42aaec5d-1510-4f18-bdc1-f0dd799666f7} package registration failed

In CA\DSM\logs\TRC_CF_WEBSERVICES_*.log error like this appears :

DSMWebServ|SDGAPI          |Rswdaac.cxx         |002229|INFO   | TNGSDG_ItemVolume_CopyElementsW[3]: End. Message: At least one of multiple operations failed(12)
DSMWebServ|HLAPI           |SDSoftwareWrp.cpp   |001787|ERROR  | TNGSDG_ItemVolume_CopyElements(...) failed with error code: 12



Problem occurs during creation of SD Packages, when source files are copied from CA\DSM\PatchManagement\downloads.

Some files are locked by a process and could not be copied.
Generally the lock is on process java.exe (ITCM tomcat).



Release: UASMGT60000-1402-Asset Management


Follow these steps on ITCM Domain :
1- Stop tomcat :
caf stop tomcat

2- Delete all directories under CA\DSM\PatchManagement\downloads

3- Start tomcat
caf start tomcat

4- Download again the patch in status "packaging failed".