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Portfolio Financial Plan not in sync with Project Financial Plan.


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Why is the financial costs (like planned cost) not matching with the project's financial cost? 

Steps To Reproduce: 

1. Identify a financial enabled project
2. Navigate to the Hierarchy tab and add 2 Ideas as a child to this Project. 
3. Make sure both the ideas have a cost plan with planned cost in it
4. In the project, create a cost plan and add planned cost to individual months. 
5. Create a portfolio covering the Start and End Dates of the Cost Plan in the portfolio
6. Include the above project and run the Portfolio Sync job

When navigating to the Financial Plan of the portfolio and checking the planned cost for each month, the costs does not match with the project cost plan.


Component: ODPFM


When a parent project is only added to the portfolio and not its child, all the cost of the child investment will roll up to the project costs and will show up in the portfolio financials. In the above case, the portfolio planned cost and project planned cost was not matching because the cost was coming from the Idea which is the child of the project. 

If the requirement is to have portfolio planned ost to match with project planned cost from the cost plan, add the ideas as well to the portfolio and the costs will be shown separately for each of the investment.