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How to Safely Disable health_index and associated queues


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The health_index probe is consuming most of the CPU on the primary hub.

How do you safely disable this probe, and de-activate the related health_index queues?


UIM / UMP 8.47


Deactivate and/or delete the health_index probe to eliminate it from the UIM environment.
It is also necessary to deactivate and/or delete the 2 health_index queues from the hub Configure GUI:


Apply these changes to the hub and restart the probe.

Additional Information

By removing the health_index probe from your 8.47 UIM environment, the ability to view any health score graphs for the monitored systems from the UMP USM portlet from the device Metrics tab will be lost. The following Wiki page identifies the functionality lost by removing the health_index probe:

Please note that the health_index probe has been deprecated and will not be available beginning with CA UIM 8.5.1. Users with the probe installed on back versions of CA UIM will not retain functionality after upgrading to version 8.5.1.