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No Scheduled Reports under View/Schedules


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CA Spectrum


Scheduled reports in CABI Jaspersoft that are running, are not shown under "View/Schedules".

I would expect to show an overview over all scheduled reports there. The View is empty. I am logged in as superuser, and the report was scheduled as superuser. We also tried using synced spectrum accounts, but again we can not see any schedules.


Spectrum 10.2.1
CABI 6.3 (Jaspersoft)


SE team provided patch "10.02.01.PTF_10.2.186":
Symptom: Schedules that are running are not shown under "View/Schedules".

Resolution: Corrected the ca theme to show available scheduled reports.
(DE347348, 00945362)

Additional Information

If you face the same issue, please open a case with CA Spectrum Support to have this verified and patch provided for this release.

The fix is also scheduled to be in the next upcoming release of Spectrum 10.3.