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Do I need FMID CITKK00


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I have downloaded the V20 paxfile and have "unpaxed" it as well as then did an unzip to get the CAI.SAMPJCL. I am now going through to customize the JCL in CAI.SAMPJCL and I see the following in the IMTAREAD member of the CAI.SAMPJCL:

IMT03ALU- Allocate product USS Datasets (Only required if installing CITKK00)

IMT06MKD- Allocate product USS Directories (Only required if installing CITKK00)

IMT15CSU- Customize SMP/E CSI for USS (Only required if installing CITKK00)

I also see this reference in IMT03ALU of "This member contains the JCL to create z/FS dataset(s) required for product: CA Common Component for IMS for z/OS."

What is FMID CITKK00 and the CA Common Component for IMS for Z/OS? 


With release R20, we added Conditional Reorg as a part of our IMS Toolkit Common Component. The ITK component is now mandatory with the other tools now dependent on it. Since Conditional Reorg is running on USS we also enhanced our installation process with the USS part. It means that all users installing R20 will need also install this USS part. 

Additional Information

There are more plans for future where more products will use USS and JAVA. This enhancement will also help our customers to be prepared to run our future tools written in Java and use all new features and technologies offered by this enhancement.