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Connecting TDM Components to Oracle RAC Systems


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Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) allows for better performance, high availability and failover in your Oracle DB environment. Connecting to such an environment via the full Oracle Client generally requires multiple addressed to be listed (at least one for each node in the RAC) within the Local Naming Parameters file (tnsnames.ora). However, TDM requires a single hostname/address to connect to. This could cause problems connecting to Oracle from TDM and/or negate some of the load balancing features of Oracle RAC when connecting from TDM.


Supported TDM versions connecting to Supported Oracle data sources/targets in an Oracle RAC configuration.


Connecting to Oracle RAC via TDM requires a Single Client Access Name (SCAN).  Per the Oracle documentation:
"The benefit of using the SCAN is that the connection information of the client does not need to change if you add or remove nodes in the cluster. Having a single name to access the cluster enables the client to use the EZConnect client and the simple JDBC thin URL to access any Database running in the cluster, independent of the active servers in the cluster. The SCAN provides load balancing and failover for client connections to the Database. The SCAN works as a cluster alias for Databases in the cluster."

Once the SCAN is available within the environment, connecting via the SCAN via TDM should be seamless and performed in the same manor as one would with a single Oracle DB hostname/addesss.

Additional Information

Refer to the TDM Documentation for details on how to create connections for TDM components as needed.