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Management UI not able to create environment


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CA Directory


After installing and setup CA Directory Management UI in HA, it was not able to create an environment.

User was able to log in to the Management UI with Admin user but not able to create an environment.
In the log file we have the following message:
CSRF validation failed with error - ForbiddenError: invalid csrf token. 


The superuser password from config.js file does not match the password stored on Management UI DSA


CA Dir 12.6 on RedHat


Use the dxdumpdb command to changed superuser password and update with the password value from config.js file, after that use the dxloaddb command to load the file. Below detailed steps

- Stop Management UI dsa: dxserver stop <hostname>-management-ui 
- Run the command: dxdumpdb <hostname>-management-ui >>output.ldif 
- Backup of this ldif file before changing it
- Edit the output.ldif file: vi output.ldif 
- Searched for superuser 
- Updated userPassword, deleted the current value, inclusive {SHAxxx} string and pasted the bind credentials from config.js 
- Saved the output.ldif file 
- Run the command: dxloaddb <hostname>-management-ui output.ldif 
- Start DSA Management UI: dxserver start <hostname>-management-ui 
- Stop Management UI:  ./stop_dxmgmtui
- Start the Management UI:  ./start_dxmgmtui
- Login CA Management UI as Admin
- Try to create an environment, now with success