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Inaccurate Global Collection list in CABI 4.1 reports


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CA Spectrum


When pulling up lists of Global Collections within various Group reports in CABI 4.1, we are seeing the list of GC's is not complete. Some GC's appear to be missing from the list. In addition, when we run Availability reports on individual devices, it may show the device is down when we see it is up. 


There are various reasons why reporting data may not be complete, from database transaction issues to sync issues, and event processing delays due to system resources, size of the databases, amount of events to process, etc. However, many times inaccurate data can be resolved by performing some restarts and resync reporting data. 


Spectrum 10.2
Windows OS
CABI 4.1


If you are seeing inaccurate Global Collections lists, first check in Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) database that the list of GC's is correct. 

On OneClick server with SRM installed: 
1. using BASH shell or similar, navigate to <SPECROOT>/mysql/bin
2. log into MySQL:
- Windows: ./mysql -uroot -proot reporting
- Linux/Sol: ./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot reporting
3. at the MySQL> prompt, run SELECT * FROM globalcollection;
4. Review the list of GCs and check if the one missing from the report is included

- if the list in MySQL is inaccurate, you can check OneClick Tomcat log for any polling errors. MySQL logs for transaction issues, and check your landscape Archive Manager logs for any processing/polling errors. You may also want to open a case with Support to investigate further

- if the list is accurate, then the issue may be CABI is not pulling the data correctly. In this case, it can help to perform Server service restarts and reload content from OneClick to CABI

1. Update Content: 
- log into OneClick Administration web page and nav to Report Manager link
- go to Manage Business Objects Content
- click 'Update Content"
- note this may take up to 30 minutes to complete
- Once Update Content is completed, it still may take some time for all data to sync. Most reports are likely resolved by this, but some may still show inaccurate data. Wait till next day to verify all the data in reporting is accurate

2. Restart OneClick MySQL and Tomcat
- if the above did not resolve inaccurate data, try restarting MySQL and Tomcat on OneClick server
- MySQL is managed by processd - you can safely stop/start the process with the following instructions
1. nav to <SPECROOT>/bin
2. to stop, run ./cmdC localhost 2 MYSQL MYSQL.OUT
3. to start, run ./launchinstdbapp localhost MYSQL y MYSQL.OUT
- Tomcat stop/start script can be found in <SPECROOT>/tomcat/bin

3. Restart CABI Servers
- If the above still does not solve the issue, you can try restarting CABI servers
- on CABI server machine, nav to <CABI ROOT>/bobj directory
- CABI server stop/start scripts and tomcat stop/start scripts can be found here