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MQR1088E: Connection to Q&R Distributed Server could not be established


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MICS Resource Management


I'm working on setting up Q&R against our MICS test complex. When I select "Build/Refresh Meta Database" from the Q&R Server Administration, the process fails with the following message found in the MQRMeta log: MQR1088E: Connection to Q&R Distributed Server could not be establishedA connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properl [MQRMeta:svrConnect] y respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond [fd04:1875:b8dd:a9d4 [MQRMeta:svrConnect] :9aa5:ec8e:3d0e:9c1e]:20368 CA MICS base is at release 12.9. Product Version 12.9.0024 Product Build Q&R r12.9 GA Build 3 The Q&R Distributed Server is running while I do this. I see that my workstation connects to CAICCI on the mainframe. I don't see any activity though in the MQRHOST Mainframe Server log from my workstation. Any idea what could be missing?  


Component: MWQR


I was able to get it to work earlier today by specifying the IPv4 address with the Machine Name in the hosts file under: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ Had a few little more adjustments moving forward but finally completed successfully the Build/Refresh Meta Database.