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Using UIM to perform multiple SOAP calls and parse the results


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The web services monitor probe does not provide an easy facility to pass the return of one web services call to a second and third call and monitoring the result (for QOS or Alarms).

This document provides one means of doing that using the logmon probe.



This example is provided as a convenience by CA Support.  Writing custom scripts is outside the realm of CA Technical Support and would typically be a Field Developed Customization or a CA Services Engagement.


UIM 8.51
logmon probe 3.91 or later

SOAP based Web Service - WSDL URL - in this example, we will use CA Service Desk Manager Web Services

    to call: login(), use the session id returned to pass to doSelect() and logout() and monitor for Exceptions

Windows Robot with logmon probe and Powershell enabled


1- Create a PS script: "ServiceDesk.ps1" 
with these contents. Replace the "Uri", "ServiceDesk" and "Password" as appropriate: 
"cnt" is for the contact table 
"userid = 'ServiceDesk'" is the where clause

    $svc = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri "http://hostname:8080/axis/services/USD_R11_WebService?wsdl" 
    $sid = $svc.login("ServiceDesk","Password") 
    $svc.doSelect($sid,"cnt","userid = 'ServiceDesk'",1,"last_name") 

2- Save the file to the machine with the logmon probe (a Windows robot) 
Test the script works with: powershell -command ServiceDesk.ps1 
It should return some XML (successful) or an Exception/Error.


3- Open the configuration for the logmon probe.


4- Create a new Profile. 
Mode: command 
Command: powershell -command "C:\Progra~2\Nimsoft\probes\ServiceDesk.ps1" 
On the watcher rule tab, create a new Watcher Definition 
Match Expression (regex); \[Exception.* 
On the "Advanced" tab, select: "Match on every run"


From there you should be all set. It may need some testing and tweaking to make it work 100% the way you want.