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Download DevTest Software


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


How to download DevTest software.  This example is showing DevTest 10.7.2 but is applied to all supported DevTest releases and platforms.




All Supported DevTest release and platforms


Login to the Broadcom Support Portal:

From My Dashboard chose Agile Operations Software from the dropdown:


Choose My Downloads and search for SERVICE VIRTUALIZATION:


Click on SERVICE VIRTUALIZATION and you will get the below display:



Expand the above SV: DevTest Runtime User Seeding MULTI-PLATFORM or any one of the other products that begin with SV: 

This example if for Release 10.7.2



This icon  is for Token Download for Docker.

Choose the products you want to download by selecting the Download box and then selecting the Download Selected pushbutton. You also may download each component separately.



Each DevTest Installer has both Workstation and Server components. Choose Server to get both, or just Workstation to not install the Server components.

From DevTest 10.7.0 onwards, we ship the license file along with the installer.

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