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DevTest integration with Agile Central


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Why use Agile Central with DevTest?

  • Provides end-to-end workflow and status updates from planning, execution and test.
  • Automatically sync test run results by build number from DevTest Portal to Agile Central.
  • Pass/Fail status, link to test results report and tester name synchronized to Agile Central.
  • Test Results now contained with Test Cases which are link to User Stores and Features.





All supported DevTest versions and environments.


Create Agile Central API Key

Note: Ensure the project with the test is the default project for your profile.

Set the API Key Property
  • Navigate to the DevTest installation directory.
  • Open the file.
  • Locate the line with the following property: rally.api.key=
  • Uncomment the line and enter the API key you created after the "=" sign.
  • Save the file and start DevTest.

Add the CA Agile Central Report Generator

  • The CA Agile Central report generator publishes DevTest test results to the CA Agile Central server.
  • You must add the CA Agile Central Report Generator to your staging document.
    • The staging document must contain at least one other report generator type, such as Default Report Generator.
    • NOTE: Do not replace the Default Report Generator with the CA Agile Central Report Generator
  • In DevTest Workstation, click on a Staging Document and then the Report tab.
  • Click the “+” sign to add a new Report Generator, then change the Report Generator Type to “CA Agile Central Report Generator”. 
  • In the Parameters section of the report generator, after “Build Number Launch State Key”, enter “BUILD_NUM” to identify the test case. 
  • The property BUILD_NUM can now be used in search from the reporting portal so you have a consistent naming convention in both DevTest and Agile Central.

Create Test Case in CA Agile Central

  • In Agile Central, Click on “Quality”, then select “Test Cases”
  • Click on “Actions”, then select “New Test Case”
  • Enter a name for the test case and any other required information. NOTE: The name of the test case in DevTest must match the name of the test case in CA Agile Central.
  • Set the “Method” field to “Automated”
  • Click on the test case you just created
  • Copy the number at the end of the URL string for later use. That is the <TEST_CASE_ID>.
    • –
    • NOTE: The Test Case ID is assumed to be the prefix of the DevTest test name delimited by "-“, “_”, or “ “ (for example, TC46540-UpdateRallyToPassed)
  • Use Agile Central to manage the test cases. The test cases show the build number and whether the tests passed or failed.


Create a Test Case in DevTest
  • Create a new test case in DevTest Workstation. NOTE: The name of the test case in DevTest must match the name of the test case in CA Agile Central (example: TC46540-UpdateRallyToPassed)
  • The test case requires the following fields:
    • REST call
    • Test Case Name
    • Test Case ID
    • Build Number
    • Date/Time
    • Pass/Fail Verdict
    • CA Agile Central API Key
    • For Defect also: Name, State, Description


Run the Test

  • In DevTest Portal, select a test case and click “Run” (if using config file in Workstation)
    • Otherwise, to specify a build number at runtime, select ”Run with Options”
    • Click “Additional Properties” and add a new property called “BUILD_NUM” Set the value to the build number you are running the test against 

View Test Case Results

  • View test cases status and results in DevTest Portal
  • View test case status and report in Agile Central
  • If the test fails in our example, a Defect will be created automatically and attached to the test case (or user story or task)





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