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Validating Products Onboarded in Jarvis for the AO Platform


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CA App Experience Analytics


  While installing AXA, users have an option to manually onboard a product using the Jarvis API:

 How do I validate a product has been successfully onboarded? 


  App Experience Analytics and Agile Operations Platform 17.3


The products and tenants onboarded within Jarvis can be checked using the following URL:
http://<Jarvis Server>:8080/onboarding/tenants(product_id='ao')

The output will be in JSON format. Here is an example showing the default tenant and one additional tenant "Test":
    "tenants": [
                "tenant_id": "TEST-USERSTORE",
                "creation_time": 1522750346934,
                "product_id": "ao"

                "tenant_id": "DEFAULTORG",
                "creation_time": 1522750122132,
                "product_id": "ao"
Please note the "creation_time" is a Unix timestamp and can be converted to a human readable format using:

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