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Message CAHC101I when I start TMSINIT V14.0


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I am getting the following message when I start TMSINIT:
09.39.28 STC00316 CAHC101I Function Code: 10 Return Code: 60 Reason Code: 3073
What can I do to resolve this?


Release: ONE...00200-12.0-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT


You can receive this message for a few different reasons...

1) When the CA Health Checker Common Service address space (CAHCHECK) is not active
2) When the IBM Health Checker address space (HZSPROC) is not active
3) When the CA-1 CTS address space is not active
The solution is to have:
The IBM health Checker address space (HZSPROC)
The CA-1 CTS address space 

CTS is required if CA Health Checker Common Service (HCKCCS) r12.1 (or higher) is not installed.
HCKCCS r12.1 (or higher) introduces the CAHCHECK address space which will be utilized to host the CA Product Health Checks.
If this release of HCKCCS is not available, than the CA-1 CTS task is needed for CA-1 and will contain a CTSHCK subtask which provides the support for the CA 1 health checks.