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capam_command with addTargetApplication failed because of PAM-CM-0536 error


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


It tried to create the UNIX application named 'test0219' by the capam_command as follows, but the error returned. 
C:\work\PAM\CAPAM_3.1.1\RemoteCLI>capam_command capam=<IP ADDRESS> adminUserID=super cmdName=addTargetApplication TargetServer.hostName=<DEVICE NAME> TargetApplication.type=generic 
Enter password: 

<CommandResult><cr.itemNumber>0</cr.itemNumber><cr.statusCode>1</cr.statusCode><cr.statusDescription>PAM-CM-0536: Application error occurred. An error occurred while executing the command: addTargetApplication</cr.statusDescription><cr.result></cr.result></CommandResult>

The below DocOps explains the command with the required parameters and the above command has all required parameters. But the problem occurs.

 Title: addTargetApplication 

Also, when it ran this command, the session log was not updated anything that related to this action.


CA Privileged Access Manager 3.1.1


Here is the for example of the UNIX/Linux's application creation. 
capam_command capam=<IP address> adminUserID=super cmdName=addTargetApplication TargetApplication.type=unixII 

Windows Proxy is the 

Regarding the UNIX connector for the, the below DocOps page explains about the value.