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SOLVE / Netmaster Region hangs at startup with health check repeating


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The region does not initialize completely. JESMSGLG shows

STC01234  IEF403I NETMST - STARTED - TIME=10.43.17
STC01234  CAGLBL02 Loaded 0 Persistent Global Variables
STC01234  F HZSPROC, RUN,CHECK=(CA_NM,[email protected])
STC01234  F HZSPROC, RUN,CHECK=(CA_NM,[email protected])
STC01234  F HZSPROC, RUN,CHECK=(CA_NM,[email protected])


Various causes are possible.
1. Problem with RUNSYSIN or other customized proc used during initialization 
2. PROBLEM in the VFS file
3. archived or empty runtime libraries


All releases of 
Netmaster Suite


Depending on the problem, the initialization can hang in different phases.
  1. Check all runtime libraries, both those contained in the RUNSYSIN member and in the STEPLIB and ensure they are available on DASD and have content
  2. Does the region initialize far enough to generate the LOG1 dataset in SDSF? That may provide a clue regarding how far initialization was able to go.
  3. Determine any changes that may have been made since the last time the region initialized; changes to a proc, the RUNSYSIN, the INIFILE, NMINIT, NMREADY or other procedures in the TESTEXEC are potential sources of problems. Ensure changes are correct or try removing them and cycle the region.
  4. Were any changes made to /PARMS? This information is stored in the VFS file. An incorrect value may cause problems during startup.  If that is suspected, one of the following may be an option:
    1. You can fall back by using a pre-existing INIFILE (if available) .
    2. If little to no customization has been don on the region, INIRESET=YES in the TESTEXEC can correct the problem.
                     PLEASE BE AWARE that this undoes all changes to the /PARMS since the region was first initialized.

Additional Information

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