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VRS file and how to create it using DevTest Workstation


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Service Virtualization


What is a VRS file and how to create it using the DevTest Workstation?


All DevTest supported releases.




A VRS file is a recording session file that contains information about the recording, such as the transport protocol, the data protocols, and associated settings. The file extension is .vrs.


The final step in the Workstation VSE Recorder lets you create a VRS file.

Before selecting the Finish button, select the Save icon. See image below:


It will prompt a path and file name to save the VSE recording session file.

The VRS file can be used to load parameters from a previously saved virtual service in the VSE Recorder.
Select the Load from File icon at the bottom of the initial VSE Recorder window. See image below:

VRS Load

This will load the transport protocols and data protocol settings, but not the VSI and VSM name.


The VRS file can also be used with the Service Image Manager. For more information regarding the Service Image Manager, refer to section "ServiceImageManager Command - Manage Service Images" in the documentation of the DevTest release you are running.