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Spectrum MIB Tools does not finish loading


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CA Spectrum


We are able to launch MIB Tools, but noticed it does not finish loading or displaying the MIBs. Occasionally the users would see an message that OneClick was running low on memory and need to close.


Checking the OneClick Web Page, under the Administration pages, we noticed the "Web Server Memory" settings and the "OneClick Client Configuration" memory settings are lower than the Spectrum default settings. We suspect these setting were kept from an older deployment of Spectrum.


Release: Any
Component: SPCCRT


Verify the memory allocated to Tomcat and the OneClick client by:

  1. Launch a Web Browser and navigate to the Spectrum OneClick Web page.

  2. Select the "Administration" Tab to bring up the Administration Pages.

  3. Select the "OneClick Client Configuration" link, and check the "Java Memory Usage" settings to ensure these are set properly for your user's OneClick client sessions. Note: setting these values too high could cause some users to not be able to launch the OneClick client. 

  1. Select the "Web Server Memory" link (left-hand side of the page), and check the "Web Server Memory" settings.

  2. Ensure the "Maximum Memory the Server Can Use (In MB)" is set appropriately for your environment. Note: Setting this value too high (more than the available memory on the server) can cause Tomcat to fail to start.

  1. Save Changes and Restart Tomcat

We modified the allocated Tomcat memory from 1280 MB to 4096 MB (10.2.x default setting), and the OneClick client max memory from 512 MB to 1024 (10.2.x default setting), and now MIB Tools loads and displays the MIBs.