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Why are there now 2 <LDAP> sections in hub.cfg


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


There are duplicate and erroneous sections in the hub.cfg.  Specifically, there is an extra <hub> tag nested under the existing <hub> tag.
There is also an entire <ldap> section nested in the <hub> section that should not be there.
There are many hubs and it would be too difficult to edit the hub.cfg file on dozens of servers.
In the hub.cfg files, there are duplicate and erroneous
tags in the hub section.

Can we remove these erroneous sections with a script or a package?



The cause is unknown.  This has only surfaced at one customer site.


UIM 8.5.1 
Hub 7.93


***** Before proceeding, backup the /opt/nimsoft/hub/hub.cfg file*****

1- Open UIM IM console

2- Drag a hub probe from a hub robot to the archive > "Infrastructure" folder.

3- When prompted, select "Configuration" only.
     Also, click the "Rename" button. Enter a name other than "hub".
     For example: "hubPackage".

4- Open the new "hubPackage" package in the archive.

5- In the "Files" tab, right click the "hub.cfx".
     Remove all of the contents. Replace with the following:
<hub> clear 
<ldap> clear 
<server> clear 
<templates> clear 
     Click "OK" on the Package editor popup window.

6- Drag the package to the impacted hub(s). The hub will restart and apply the configuration.
    Expected result: erroneous duplicate nested ,,, are removed.

Validate by opening the hub.cfg in a text editor.