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User to setup the initial configuration after deploying PAM


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


1.In order to setup the initial configuration(Apply license, Set the network settings, etc...), which user should be used, config user? or super user? 

2. In order to setup the initial configuration, what is the difference when he uses between config user and super user? 

3. If the config user must be used for the initial configuration, what will have the impact when he uses the super user instead of config user? 

4. On the DocOps, it says as follows. What is the intention of this written? 

’When you initially log in to the product, you are logged in as super, with the password "super".’

5. As the initial configuration, is it correct by the following steps? 
(1) Setup the virtual appliance. 
(2) Login super user and update the password and the other information for the super user. 
(3) Login config user and update the password and the other information for the super user.. 
(4) Set the necessary initial configuration.


Component: CAPAMX


1. Both users are available for the initial configuration. 

2. It is possible for the super user to access all PAM screen. However, the config user can access the configuration screen only. The config user can change the password of both super and config users. But the super user cannot do that. When the super user logs in the PAM, the item "Change Password" will not show in the Configuration. When the config user logs in by the "https://<PAM server>/config/"(Need the slash at last), the item "Change Password" in the Configuration. It is possible to change the password of both from there. 
Additionally, the following DocOps page explains about the both users. Please see them. 

3. There is not a specific difference during them. 

4. All CA support knows are written in the DocOps. It is hard for CA Support to provide the reason why the design was determined. Also, it is normal to login the product by the administrative user after the installation as a standard method. It is the same thing that we will login the Windows by administrator user first after installing the Windows. 

5. It's correct.