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How to upgrade from CA Directory 12.0 SPx to 12.6 or 14.x


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How can I upgrade my existing CA Directory 12.0 SPx (or any SP version) to 12.6 or 14.x


Component: ETRDIR


There is nothing much to CA Directory upgrade (since it's an in place upgrade), for the upgrade itself, you only need to run the main executable (dxsetup.exe on Windows, and in Unix/Linux). 
This will do one of two things: 
- It looks for an existing instance of CA Directory on the host. If one is found, it will act as an upgrade. It will prompt you to make sure you want to upgrade from the version that you have installed, to the current. 
- If no instance of CA Directory is found on the server, it will act as a brand new install. 

During the upgrade it will back up the configurations.  However, you can perform a backup of the configurations by running the following command via command prompt, on a Unix environment you will need to be the dsa user (su - dsa) in order to run the command: dxinfo -x log 
This will create two (2) cab files with your configurations. 
For data backup, you can dump the DSA to LDIF file with the use of 'dxdumpdb' command, before you upgrade.
Note that the DSA in question would need to be stopped, prior to running the command (dxdumpdb). 

If your CA Directory servers are clustered (in replication), you can upgrade one server at a time.  This way any updates that happen during the upgrade, will be replicate to the CA Directory server you are upgrading, once it is back online (after the upgrade).

Additional Information

This document will assist in upgrading from CA Directory 12.0 (any SP version), to the latest version of CA Directory.