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How to specify which columns are exported from Incident List/Problem List/Request List?


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When doing a search for Incidents, Problems, Requests, or Change Orders, you may want to modify the columns that appear on the ticket list pages and/or change which columns are exported when using the export function. This can be accomplished with a simple Web Screen Painter customization.

How do you specify/modify which columns are exported from Incident List/Problem List/Request List forms (list_in.htmpl, list_pr.htmpl, and list_cr.htmpl) when using the export button?


Component: USRD


1) Open Web Screen Painter

2) Open either list_in.htmpl, list_pr.htmpl, and list_cr.htmpl form

3) In the design tab, scroll to the bottom and you will be able to view all the columns that currently appear on the forms. From here you can also go into the source tab and add/remove columns if needed. 

3) To specify which columns are exported, double click on the column name and change the Export property to yes or no depending on if you want to export it.

4) Save and publish your changes.