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Plex Questions Regarding C sharp


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CA Plex


We purchased CA/Plex about a year ago and haven't had time to use it. When we first got the product some functions where created With C# and Systemi RPGIV server functions. I was given an CA.OLF file. We are starting a project using CA/Plex and the functions we created said the License has expired. 

Message Text: 7317 : Licensing Problem : The enterprise License grace period for component 2AP3 the .NET Generator has expired." 

What License of use does 2AP1 cover? If It's for WinC(VS 2005)/Systemi I really don't have a use for that as my company wants applications developed in C#. 

What License of use does 2AP3 Cover? Is it only EJB? What I did in my model was create a C# application that called server functions created on the systemi. Is this were the usage of EJB was generated?

How does a user obtain the client C# generator license?


Component: CPLEX


Here are the License Keys and descriptions from the licensing prod_codes.txt file. 

2AP1,1,Advantage Plex 
2AP2,1,Advantage Plex Generator for 5250 
2AP3,1,Advantage Plex Option for EJB 

Here is the extended description. 

Option #1, CA Plex - Base product – This comes with WinC/WinNTC/Java(Client/Server)/System-I (Server)/C# (Server) generators. 
Option #2, CA Plex Generator for 5250 Option – This option for Client generator for System-I (enables UI interface). 
Option #3, CA Plex Option for Enterprise .Net/J2EE – This comes with EJB option along with C# client generator option. Initially this option was for EJB only, when C# client generator was available this got clubbed with this licensing option. 

Therefore customer need to have Option #3 (for C# client generator) license, along with Base product license.