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Actuals Thru date on the Assignment does not match last Posted Actuals


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The last Actuals Thru Date on one or more assignments doesn't match the last actuals posted.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a new project open for time entry with track mode of PPM
2. Add a resource to the project (Ensure the resource is Open for Time Entry on the project)
3. Create a task on the project, and assign the resource to the task
2. Post actual hours for the task on the resource's timesheet for the week ending 3/23/18
3. You will see that once the timesheet has posted, the Actuals Thru Date of the assignment is now 3/23/18
4. Now, post the resource's timesheet for the week ending 3/30/18 (Without adding any actual hours)
5. View the Actuals Thru Date for the Assignment created in Step 3

Expected Results: The Actual Thru Date still shows as 3/23/18 since that is the last week time was posted on the task
Actual Results: The Actual Thru Date has updated to 3/30/18


This is working by current design.


Component: PPMTMM


The Actuals Thru Date is the end date of the time period for the last timesheet posted for the resource and impacts all assignments for the resource even if time was not posted against the assignment (or the assignment's project) that week. 

When a timesheet is posted for a time period for a resource (3/30/18 in the example above), then all assignments for that resource  will have an Actuals Thru Date of 3/30/18, even if no actuals have been submitted for that project. (This does not apply if the resource is no longer Open for Time Entry on the project)