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When viewing a dump with CA Symdump CICS the PROGRAMS REFERENCED is missing.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


When the client reviews a dump with CA Symdump CICS the Programs Reference option in CA Symdump CICS does not show which programs were referenced before the abend took place.




At Dump capture time CA Symdump CICS searches the CICS internal trace table for the abending task- program to gather information. If the CICS internal trace table is too small or happens to wrap and dump capture time then some Symdump CICS functionally will be lost. Let’s assume the trace table is large enough and did not wrap. Then Symdump CICS looks for entries for the Abending task for the LD and PG components. So if these components are not in the trace for the abending task then programs referenced will be missing. When I look at your dumps trace entries I do not see any LD or PG components for the abending program in question in question. Use the CICS CETR transaction and make sure the LD and PG components are set to 1.