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Error when applying CA RS1712 for Common Services r14.1 with CSM


Article ID: 75099


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


When applying CA RS1712 for CA Common Services r14.1 with CSM I am receiving the following message when moving to the 'Summary' step where I can select 'Check Only' or 'Check and Apply':

A forward move to step CarsSummaryProcessStep is not allowed.



  • Supported z/OS Environment
  • CA Common Services r14.1
  • CSM r6.x


We have had a reported concern with Common Services PTF's RO95587 and RO97512 when applied together.   However, you should be able to use the following process to apply them:
  • Apply RO95587 first by itself. Since this PTF is in error, it is necessary to check the ERROR box for RO95587 on the Finalize (1/1) step.
  • Execute the necessary steps as described in the RO97512 HOLD ACTION.
  • Apply RO97512.
Please note that PTF RO97512 has Hold Actions that need to be followed.