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DevTest Server Size for Volume or Load Testing


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Service Virtualization can perform volume or load testing but not environments have the capacity for the load.

Can we use our existing DevTest environment to perform volume testing?

If a new environment is needed, what type of server (cpu, memory, etc...) is needed?




All supported versions of DevTest


There are many factors that determine the amount of load any given environment can handle. Example: 

  • Request/Response size
  • Available memory for client(s) and server(s).
  • Available cpu for client(s) and server(s).
  • Other applications running on the client(s) and server(s).
  • Network latency.
  • Available network bandwidth.
  • Antivirus or other network scans .

Because of the above, it is impossible for support to provide details about performance testing. Generally, Services can assist in determining and adjusting load performance testing, however, some general help can be found by searching the correct version of documentation for: 

Load and Performance Server Sizing 
Sample Performance Benchmarks for Basic Service Virtualization

Additional Information

If you need assistance in contacting Services or would like to discuss general guidelines, please open a support ticket.