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How to publish UIM user tag value to SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Client would like to publish the user tag value on UIM alert to SOI and they would like to know how to do it if possible


Release: SAMBDL99000-4.2-Spectrum-Service Assurance Manager-Promotional Bundle


- Stop your Catalyst Container service on the UIM connector machine
-  Locate and edit the nimsoftconnector_policy.xml policy from  CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\     <hostname>_CatalystConnector\modules\policy
  Search for  userAttribute, you'll find one line with userAttribute10, right below it you'll find the following line 
  <Field conditional='message' output='Message' format='{0}:{1}' input='prid,message' /> 
- Add the following line under the above line
   <Field conditional='user_tag1' output='userAttribute9' format='{0}' input='user_tag1' /> 
 NOTE: you can change the userAttribute9 to any open userAttribute you are not using. I used the user_tag1 
             for testing, if you have the value in user tag2 all you need to do is replace user_tag1 with user_tag2 or you 
             can add an extra line to include user_tag2 and publish it to a different userAttribute.  
- Save the file and delete the cache files from following folders    
- Start the catalyst container service.