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Example of an SM 14.1.05 SO01140 CP5 installation


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CA Service Catalog CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


How to download and apply this 'SO01140.CAZ 14.1.05' patch?




Example of an SM 14105 SO01140 CP5 installation

Please consider the below as an FYI-example of an SM14.1.05 SO01140 CP5 installation.
Please be aware that Service Management 14.1.05, aka SM 14.1 cumulative 5, is now available for download.
Additionally, documentation is available then per the following:

Effective Announcement:

With link to the patch list in section:
CA Service Catalog
For the issues fixed in CA Service Catalog, see 'CA Service Catalog Fixed Issues'.

Recently the 'SO01140.CAZ' for SM(including SLCM) 14.1.05 patch has been made available.
Please download and apply the patch and confirm the issue as described in this case is then resolved.
How to download and apply this 'SO01140.CAZ 14.1.05' patch?

AA: Download the SO01140.caz file:
For CA Service Catalog, the patch can be downloaded from within CA Support Online (CSO).
1 Login to CSO
2 Select Product Information
3 Select CA Service Catalog(SC)
4 Select Solutions & Patches
5 Select CA Service Catalog r14.1
> SO01140 - CAZ - 1.2 GB - 07/05/17 - WIN-CASM 14.1.05 CUMULATIVE PATCH - None
6 Click on 'SO01140'
7 Click on 'WIN-CASM 14.1.05 CUMULATIVE PATCH'
8 Click on 'Download Solution' button(blue)
9 Check your email and open the 'ftp' fSOm within that email message
10 Click 'Prefered FTP' > 'FTP Via bSOwser' > SO01140.caz
11 Save into a folder of your choice

BB: Install the SO01140 patch:
1 Extract the SO01140.CAZ file with cazipxp -u SO01140.CAZ
It will extract the Common Installer for the CP5 patch:
2 Unzip file
3 After the UNzip, you'll see folder CASM_14.1.05_CommonPatchInstaller_DVD
In there (among others) the folder \patches\<product>\Binaries.
And the products are: ITAM, SDM, SelfService(USS), SLCM, SLCMPREREQ, xFlow.

4 Open the above named folder CASM_14.1.05_CommonPatchInstaller_DVD.
5 Run setup.exe.
- Accept the 'terms of license' > Next
- Database Configuration > Next
- Select the Products to be updated (check/UNcheck per your choice) > Next
- Mandatory Post-Install for SDM > Yes
- CA Embedded Entitlements Manager(EEM) Details > Next
- Patch Information Summary > Next
Patches included in this installation:
CA Service Desk Manager language independent Patch T6EE365
CA Service Desk Manager languages patch T6EE368
CA Service Catalog Patch T6D9345
Unified Self-Service Patch T6EE366
> Install
> The installation begins.
While installing SDM it is split into 3 parts:
1. Applying SDM-Binaries
2. Applying SDM-MDB
3. Applying SDM-Localization
4. Applying CA Service Catalog Patch, running up to 75%.
>> Although it seems to hang, it does not.
>> It 'just' takes a while (up to 45 minutes) to execute in full. And then it is finished at 100%
5. Applying Unified Self-Service Binaty Patch
6. SDM Post Installation Steps
7. After all steps finished 100%, click Next and Finish.

CC: Install folder to check for logs: