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Dashboard calls are taking longer than 30 second such as Average Response Time


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Looking at the dashboard for metrics like Average Response time, these are taking over 30 seconds to process.

Looking at postgresql-Thu.log during the timeframe, I see many queries averaging 9.8 seconds with 59 queries taking 15-19 seconds

This is the longest
[29786-cemdb-admin-2018-03-22 09:50:13.222 EDT]LOG: duration: 19753.850 ms execute : SELECT v.value, v.vertex_id, b.value as backend FROM appmap_vertex_filter f LEFT JOIN appmap_attribs v ON v.vertex_id = f.vertex_id AND v.start_time = f.start_time AND v.attrib_name = $1 LEFT JOIN appmap_attribs b ON b.vertex_id = f.vertex_id AND b.attrib_name = $2


  This was due to a code bug.


APM 10.7.0 


This is fixed in APM 10.7 HF 3 and later releases. Please contact APM Support to get a copy of the hotfix.