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Web Agent set twice the SMSESSION in header trigger error : Entity Too Large


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We're running a Web Agent, this one set twice the SMSESSION in browser headers, which lead the request to fail because the header is too large :

From the backend server traces we see 2 SMSESSION cookies :

2017-09-14 09:37:23.554 [email protected]
  MYDOMAIN TEST @[email protected] @[email protected]
  [ajp-nio-9090-exec-9] DEBUG
  HeaderForwardingInterceptor - Adding header Cookie
  with value 'JSESSIONID=DD789B3879F57F983942BE055FB7738F;
  to backend call

2017-09-14 09:37:23.563 [email protected]
  MYDOMAIN TEST @[email protected] @[email protected]
  [ajp-nio-9090-exec-9] DEBUG DispatcherServlet - Could not complete request
  HttpClientErrorException: 413 Request
  Entity Too Large

How can we fix this ? 


When updating the SMSESSION cookie, the Agent wasn't deleting the current SMSESSION cookie, and as such, 2 SMSESSION cookies where set in the browser memory.


Web Agent R12.52 SP1 CR07 on Apache 2.4 64bits on RedHat 6 64bits. 


This issue will be fixed in Web Agent R12.52 SP1 CR09.

At date of March the 29th 2018, the fix will be provided in next Web Agent R12.52 SP1 CR09 which is expected by Q2 this year.

CA Single Sign-On Fix Strategy:

If before the CR09 is released you need to fix this issue, you can open a Support case to have a dev fix provided.