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Can you prevent tasks in Subprojects from being updated when a Master Project is Autoscheduled?


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Can you prevent tasks in subprojects from being updated when a master project is Autoscheduled?


Release: 16.0.1 
Component: ODPRM


There are multiple ways to prevent the entire subproject from being rescheduled or selected tasks within the subprojects. 

  1. From within the specific Master Project, in Classic PPM, mark the Subproject Read-Only 
  2. From within the Subproject, in Classic PPM or Modern UX, mark selected Tasks 'Locked' 


Classic PPM


From within the Master Project, mark the Subproject Read-Only

  • In Classic PPM, you can prevent tasks from being changed in a subproject during publishing of a schedule by making the subproject read only in the master project:
    1. Navigate to the Master Project, select the 'Properties' Tab drop-down then 'Subprojects' 
    2. Check the check box next to the subproject and then click the 'Set Read-Only' button 


From within the Subproject, mark selected Tasks 'Locked'

To prevent a subproject's tasks from changing in a tentative schedule is to lock the tasks by one of the below methods:

Locking tasks directly prevent them from being auto-scheduled in any situation.

  • Option 1: Check the 'Exclude from Autoscheduling' checkbox on the task
    1. In Classic PPM, navigate to the subproject
    2. Click on the Tasks Tab and click on the hyperlink to open the Tasks Properties page 
    3. Click the 'Exclude from Autoscheduling' checkbox 
  • Option 2: Check the lock tasks checkbox
  • This can be done from the Task list or the Gantt PPM List views. 
    1. Open a  project and click the Tasks tab 
    2. Click 'Open in Scheduler' then 'Gantt' 
    3. In the Gantt View, click Options then Configure 
    4. Configure the page to add the Locked field to the list 
    5. For each task, set the Locked value to Yes 


Modern UX

Locking tasks directly prevent them from being auto-scheduled in any situation.

  • For updating a single or a few tasks:
    1. Open a project and click the TASKS Module 
    2. Configure the Grid Layout to include the 'Locked' column 
    3. Locate the task row and update the checkbox to 'lock' it from being autoscheduled 
  • Optionally, you can do this using the Bulk Edit capability  
    1. Filter for regular tasks (not milestones, not phases or activities) by using 'Is Task' = Yes, Milestone = No 
    2. At the top of the grid, Select All or manually check rows of tasks that you want to update 
    3. Click the 'Edit' button at the top of the grid to show the Bulk Edit Modal 
    4. Check the box for the 'Locked' field and Save the update 


Additional Information

The ability to use Autoschedule in Modern UX for Projects has been introduced in Release 16.0.1