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Make attachments mandatory at service options level


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CA Service Catalog


We need to make attachments mandatory for some of the service options


Service Catalog 17.x


1. set: Catalog - Configuration - Request Management Configuration - Allow Attachments at Service Option Level be set to Yes

2. set the Attachment Mandatory in the Service Option Level:

a. go to: Catalog - Service Offering - Offering Tab - (choose the Service Offering you want to set the Attachment as Mandatory
b. Click in the right Panel in Definition Tab
c. Choose the Offering and click Edit
d. There is a check box for "Attachment Mandatory"
e. Check that box and save it

Now you will force the Attachment as Mandatory for that Service Option Level.

If there is no attachment at Service Option level, the following message will appear:

To submit this request, you must add an attachment to the service option(s) <service option name>. Use the Attachment icon of the service option.

Additional Information

Depending on requirements, setting "Allow Attachments at Service Option Level" may need to be set to "No" to allow attachments at offering level to save correctly.

Setting the "Attachment Mandatory" setting as ON and "Allow Attachments at Service Option Level" to "No" will prevent a situation where the given offering will not allow a request to be saved due to required attachments, despite an attachment being included.  This is expected behaviour.