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DXI - Why don't I see heat maps for all app screens on IOS


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Why don't I see heat maps for all app screens on IOS?


DXI - Digital Experience Insights


Every screen on mobile is composed of one or more "UIViewControllers", but technically touch can be associated with only one screen control. View controllers have lifecycle events where "View Did Appear" or "View Did Disappear" .
Some of the view controllers are container based controllers - where "Container" holds multiple "View Controllers" .

As we capture lifecycle events of all view controllers and some of them are just holding containers or navigation based ones , the touch events cannot be associated on those. For those where touch events do not get associated , you do not see heat maps. We still show the screen as lifecycle.

Ex: When a navigation controller opens via a side menu , at the same time you are seeing screen split to navigation and right side pane of the actual view selected from navigation. Touch is captured on the screen that is loaded latest.