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Production down as Administrative Servers can't interface with Policy Servers


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


Production Policy servers are working , but the Administrative Servers are not able to interface with the Policy Servers. 

The Administrative UI connection to Policy Server (PS) can fail for a variety of reasons. The problem can be on the UI side or on the PS side. And, many times, how the prior installation was cleaned up can have an impact on the workings of the re-installation.


Policy Server and adminui version: 12.52SP1CR4
Policy server and adminui O/S: Red Hat 6
External Store: CA Directory



Did the following steps to get the Administrative UI running with the Policy Server:

1.) Wrong URL was used (earlier using "\console" at the end of URL). When we used “servername:port\iam\siteminder\adminui”, we got to a login screen.
2.) Logged in but got new error message "No policy server connections are available. Please register the adminui with a policy server.".

3.) Selecting the available one connection from dropdown did not change this message and no menus were available in the Administrative UI.

4.) We stopped the Administrative UI, deleted data/log/tmp/work folders, deleted the Administrator and Trusted Host entries using XPSExplorer. Then re-registered the Administrative UI, and logged back in; but same error appeared after logging in.
5.) We stopped the Administrative UI and uninstalled it completely (both components, Pre-req and Administrative UI), and tried reinstalling Pre-req and Administrative UI. However, ran into new error when installing.
6.) We, subsequently, removed the hidden files ( .Admin_UI_Prerequisite_Registry.registry   .CA_IAM_FW.registry   .com.zerog.registry.xml ) in /home folder of the user. After cleaning up the install with the documented uninstall procedure, we reinstalled the Administrative UI. At this time, we were able to finish the install, log into Administrative UI, and administer the PS’.


Additional Information

See CA SSO and Administrative UI product documentation at for the versions of CA SSO you’re using.