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Unable to create selective CMS Patches


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


On Portal when we create CMS patch we could filter scope not only by dates but also by deselecting some content type (e.g resources, standard pages, css) and now the option disappeared (there are no 'X' buttons allowing to do this). How to get it back?




You will need to perform the following steps to get back the options in "Create Patch":

1. Login to the CMS as an admin user (http:///admin)

2. Navigate to: User Administration > Manage Users

3. Select an administrator user

4. Click on the "Roles" tab.

5. Select the following role: Role: developer (The Level Developer)

6. Click "Apply All Changes" 7. Logout of the API Portal, and login with the user that was just updated. You should now be able to see the X options in the "Create Patch" dialog.

This is a known behavior in the portal.

The deselecting/selecting some content is only intended for internal development teams to ensure local files such as the properties.xml are not patched over to QA systems during a development cycle. The restriction has been for some years now requiring the user to have a '' email address.