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How to move snmpcollector probe from one node to another


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer needs to snmpcollector probe from one node to another 


Any UIM / snmpcollector version


Up to now there is not a full certified process to move an snmpCollector from one node to another. 
Anyway, the next procedure does not presented any inconvenience up to now:

1- install snmpCollector probe on new node ( please use  the same version deployed on source node ) 
2- Stop snmpCollector on new node 
3- Copy custom templates from source node to destination node, they are located at path:
3- Perform a backup snmpcollector.cfg from new server file is located at ../nimsoft/probes/network/snmpcollector/snmpcollector.cfg 
4- If you prefer that the [Discovery Filters] section will remains identical to the source snmpcollector box, from snmpCollector.cfg of source node extract DISCOVERY_QUERY section and replace this section on destination node snmpcollector.cfg file.

   starts of DISCOVERY_QUERY section is identified with string :  <discovery_query>
   Ends of of DISCOVERY_QUERY section is identified with string :  </discovery_query>
   NOTE: On this section is defined the Discovery Server, Discovery Scopes , Device filters and Discovery Agents, if they are not going to be the same you need to edit the file or perform the changes through the admin console.
5- Start snmpCollector on new node 
6- Open probe Configuration and check: 
      - Discovery Filters values are set correctly 
      - Check that custom templates are imported at [Template Editor] 

7- If all setting are correct , select [Query Discovery Server] option available under [Discovery Filters] options menu,
8- After a while profiles will be created on new snmpcollector

NOTE: Sometimes when moving custom profiles they do not take in place even when they are active, in this case go to [Template Editor] deactivate and reactivate the profile and save to force probe to save the change.