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Post Spectrum 10.2.2 the legacy database has models


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CA Spectrum


The customer initialized and loaded the legacy database but all of the models remain.  The customer expected that the models would be removed but they were reloaded.


As of Spectrum 10.2.2, the legacy.SSdb file is created from a catalog and model save of the SpectroSERVER database during upgrade. Which is contrary to the old legacy.SSdb which only saved the catalog and therefore was devoid of models in the models portion of the SpectroSERVER database.


Spectrum 10.2.2 or greater.


If the desire is to initialize the SpectroSERVER database to have only the "out of box" models in the db the following can be run via command line:

$SPECROOT/SS> ../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ic legacy.SSdb

This will initialize the SpectroSERVER database and load just the modeling catalog back in while removing all models except for the base models shipped with Spectrum that are needed for management (for example, the VNM etc).

At this point the SpectroSERVER can be started or you can load the models only back on top:

$SPECROOT/SS> ../SS-Tools/SSdbload -m ../SS-DB-Backup/db_<timestamp>.SSdb