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CA CSM ProcessStepContinueNotAllowed


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Installing maintenance with CA CSM and it fails with ProcessStepContinueNotAllowed failure.


Release: MSMNGR00200-6.0-Chorus Software Manager


CA CSM is having difficulty resolving PTF's that are in ERROR for some reason that has not been identified yet. To circumvent this, on the Maintenance Installation wizard step 3 Finalize (1/1), identify all the PTF's that are in ERROR on the left of the display. Checked off the ERROR checkbox for all those PTF's that are in error and have a fixing PTF mentioned in the HOLDDATA text. This is an example of what that looks like:

<Please see attached file for image>

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Note that in the HOLDDATA text it says FIX(SO00656). This means that  RO99838 is in error and it is corrected by SO00656. Make a note of the fixing PTF, RO99838 in this example and check off the ERROR checkbox to the right. This tells CA CSM that it is okay to apply RO99838.
For PTF's that are in ERROR and do not have a fixing PTF in the HOLDDATA text, do not check off the ERROR checkbox. This is an example of such a PTF:

<Please see attached file for image>

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Proceed by clicking next to install the maintenance. After the maintenance is installed verify that the fixing PTF was installed.


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