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nimbus process is writing a lot to the wtmp file residing in the /var file system in AIX


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The UIM robot (nimbus process) is continuously writing information to the wtmp file residing in the /var file system in AIX.


The startup script is being placed into initab, and the entry in the inittab is causing this issues on AIX . Somehow, it is not picking up that nimbus is running and respawns the process continually causing the login messages seen in /var/adm/wtmp


AIX 7.1
UIM Robot 7.80


There is two ways to resolve this issue, either to reinstall the robot or make changes locally on the AIX machine.

Follow these steps to reinstall the robot with the correct settings:
=================================== =============
1. uninstall the robot
2. completely remove the contents of /opt/nimsoft
3. delete these files (if they exist)
4. Reinstall the robot using these specific versions:
Nimldr script:
and use this robot package : (rename to before installing)

Follow these steps to make manual changes to the startup script:
To avoid the issue with initab, the startup can be moved from inittab to /etc/rc2.d. 

In /etc/rc2.d you can create a Symbolic Link for S99Nimbus that is a link to /opt/nimsoft/bin/niminit. This will have the OS call niminit start at startup and not have the continual logins that you are currently seeing with the /etc/inittab start up. The existing entry can be removed from /etc/inittab. 

Additional Information

robot_update-7.97HF3 does not include the fix for this.