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bsnAPEthernetMacAddress is incorrect for Access Point tables in Spectrum OneClick


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CA Spectrum


When looking at Cisco Wireless Controller Access Point views, the bsnAPEthernetMacAddress is incorrect.  It shows as a decimal format:


Generally the value is sent to Spectrum in decimal, and Spectrum converts it.  However, there are some Airespace devices that are sending the value in hex, but the bsnAPEthernetMacAddress attribute is not coded to handle hex format, and so the value comes through incorrectly. 


Component: SPCCSS


If you need to show the MAC address in Access Point table, please do the following:

1.  Make a backup copy of: /tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/devman/config/table-airsp-aptable-config.xml

2.  Copy this to /custom/devman/config

3.  In the SPECROOT>/custom/devman/config/table-airsp-aptable-config.xml

4.  Please add below tag under BsnAPEthernetMacAddress (Similar like BsnAPDot3MacAddress) 16

5.  Execute /Install-Tools/appConfigMerge.bat Close existing OneClick console and re-open.

Please take note that after you have upgraded the version of CA Spectrum, open the $SPECROOT/custom/devman/config/table-airsp-aptable-config.xml and verify your setting is there.  Review the Access Point table and verify the MAC shows correctly.  If not, run the appConfigMerge.bat file again.