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We need to generate single alert for different parameters for single agent


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


As an example, the following probes are in user for a single robot.
-net_connect - which points to a single host
-url_response - which points to a Load Balanced URL
-services - for a single host

Can we create a single critical or major alarm only if alarms are received from all 3 probes?


UIM 8.5.1 


Yes, this is possible using the "nas" probe and Auto Operators.
Please reference the product documentation for the nas probe:
At a high level, this is a summary of what needs to be done.
Alarm consolidation/correlation can be done in the IM console through the configuration for "nas". 
On the "Auto Operator" tab, you may first create conditions, called "Triggers". 
These are ways to match alarms. They accept 'regex' patterns to match alarm messages. 
You may create multiple Triggers, one for each type of alarm (such as an alarm from each of the probes).
Next, you may create a "Profile". 
We want to use the "On Trigger" field under "Action Mode". 
Now you will be able to select different Triggers and use Boolean AND or OR conditions. 
You can select an Action Type, like "new_alarm". 
So, if all conditions (Triggers) return true, then send a new alarm. 
For example if there are alarms from all 3 probes (unavailable), then you can have it send a Major alarm. 

There are more complex ways to accomplish this using the "nas" scripting options.
Example Lua scripts that can be looked at: 
sample customer scripts / discussions:

Please note that custom scripts are not supported by technical support and would be a paid services engagement.

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