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What fixes are in APM 10.7 hotfix 1


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


What fixes does APM10.7 Hotfix 1 contain?


  APM 10.7


Affected components = EM

[Fixed Issues]

DE347813 - Team Center freezing on Open an Analysis Notebook
Some of the methods used for handling REST requests were marked unnecessarily as transactional in EM. This caused redundant creations and deletions of database transactions and may have led to slow UI response. 

DE348526 - Swarm level metrics in Wily: are missing often
Calculation of Historical Metric Count was fixed to prevent sudden jumps in the metric.

DE346723 - Error in AGC logs - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
Very intermittently, there might have been an IndexOutOfBoundsExcepion in Manager.AppMap module in 10.7 EM logs. This forced the user to refresh the UI.

DE352876 - Attributes are sent twice (lowered) in REST response
This is optimization of REST traffic payload. UI is more responsive now as some REST responses are significantly smaller.

DE352438 - Added the upgrade of universes from 10.5 format to 10.7 (added missing layer property)
See the Introduction, this fixes the problem when editing universes from pre-10.7 releases, containing BT coverage. The hotfix ensures the universe definitions are fixed during Enterprise Manager start. No data are lost and it is not relevant to clean 10.7 installations. 

IMPORTANT : Due to some regression issues this HOTFIX is no longer available, for more information contact CA Support