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Layer7 API Gateway: Locating Oracle ILOM firmware updates for Gateway appliances running on Sun Fire servers


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The Gateway appliance in a hardware form factor comes with an on-board out-of-band management solution from the hardware vendor. This solution is called the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager. It allows an administrator to remotely access a system over a separate network even when the system has failed or is powered off.

The manufacturer and vendor for this software provides periodic updates to the firmware of this solution in order to address issues or incorporate enhancements in the product. In order to ensure that defects and features are available, the firmware of the ILOM for the Gateway appliances should be upgraded regularly. Additionally, said firmware should be upgraded prior to reporting any hardware-related issues. This will ensure that the largest body of data is available to Support when troubleshooting a potential hardware failure.


Component: API Gateway


This article will allow an administrator to readily find historical and up-to-date revisions of the ILOM firmware. The links below will provide access

  1. Sun Fire X4150
  2. Sun Fire X4170
  3. Sun Fire X3-2
  4. Sun Fire X4-2
  5. Sun Fire X5-2

If an administrator or operator is not familiar with the model of server currently in use then it can be determined as follows:

  1. From the web GUI of the ILOM: Access the Overview details within the System Information tab. The value is shown as "Product Name"
  2. From the CLI of the ILOM: show /SP system_description
  3. From the privileged shell of the Gateway appliance: dmidecode -t 1

Additional Information

Please note that downloading files and firmware from the Oracle support site requires access to the My Oracle Support system. If you do not have access to this system, please open a case with the CA API Management support team and specify which files/firmware are required.