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User redirected to invalid Universe upon logging in to CA APM Team Center


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


When a custom user logs in to CA APM Team Center, the user is not redirected to the Universe that the user is assigned to. Instead, it would be defaulted to the Universe selected in the previous log in session, and if the current user does not belong to that Universe, the following message will be displayed:

"You do not have access to this area of environment. Contact your administrator.
Go to your Experience View page."



CA Application Performance Management (APM) 10.5.2 (prior to Hotfix 22)


This is a known issue where the Universe preference was stored per session, and the session was not cleared upon user logout.



The issue has been fixed in 10.5.2 Hotfix 22 and onward, by storing Universe preference per user.

With this fix, a new Team Center user may still be redirected to an invalid Universe upon the First Login. The user can then select the preferred Universe from the list, where it will then be stored as the Universe preference for this user. Once that is done, the user will be redirected to the last selected (last stored) Universe in all subsequent logins.

Additional Information

Known Issue: DE315357 - 00819466-User not redirected to assigned Universe upon logging in to Team Center